Nashik Training Centre

Recognized by CEA as Category I Institute & Certified by ISO 9001 : 2015

About Us

                 Nashik Training Centre is the one of two Major Training Centres of MAHAGENCO – Maharashtra State Power Generation Co Ltd. NTC mainly caters to the training needs of all MAHAGENCO staff working under jurisdiction of FIVE Training Sub Centres (TSCs) recently established at Major Power stations namely Bhusawal, Nasik, Parli, Uran and Pophali. The Institute is involved in the training and development of Senior and Middle level of employees of all cadre of MSPGCL. Nasik Training Centre is committed to provide State of Art training in Power Sector Technologies to meet the needs of the Power Professionals of Mahagenco. The institute is primarily responsible for Induction Level Training of newly recruited Engineers and Technicians as per CEA guidelines.

    Central Electricity Authority, New Delhi has recognized this training Centre as Category-1 institute for Generation related training.

Training Activities

1. To impart basic Induction Level Training to newly recruited engineers & technicians as per CEA guidelines.
2.Refresher Courses for Junior / Middle Level Employees.
3. 210 MW / 500 MW PC based simulator training
4. Computer Based Training Courses.
5. Vacation Training to Engineering Students

Training Methodology

1. Classroom lectures
2. Actual demonstrations at power plant/sites
3. Industrial visit to OEM – BHEL
4. Visit to 660 MW  & 500 MW  TPS , Small Hydro Power Plants, Gas Power Plants, Solar Power Units and Load Dispatch Centre5. A.V. lessons and C.B.T. Packages
6. Group discussion and Case studies
7. Computer Awareness
8. Simulator Training
9. Presentation by Trainees
10. Evaluation through Online/Written/Oral exams


     NTC has well maintained
    • Residential Facilities
    • Educational Facilities
    • Recreational Facilities
          The Centre is equipped with the essential infrastructure for conducting various categories of training.
  • Air Conditioned Classrooms – with latest teaching aids
  • Air Conditioned 210 MW & 500 MW Simulator Labs – For PC based Operational Training of Power Station personnel.
  • Air-Conditioned Computer Lab
  • Technical Museum of failed(Warn Out) parts – Contains failure parts of Turbine & Boilers Auxiliaries like – Impeller, Gear box, Control Valve, Boiler tube failures samples, Various electrical type relays & switches, Various temperature & pressure measuring instruments and More…..
  •  Model Rooms – with a complete Power Station Layout model, Gas Turbine model, Boiler model and other individual Power Plant machinery models.
  • Air-Conditioned Conference Hall
  • Hostel building  (14 X 4 = 56 Beds) with dining facilities
  • Extra Rooms as C- Type Hostel (6 X 8 = 48 Beds)
  • Air-Conditioned Library – with 1500 and more manuals / books etc
  •  Recreational Facilities