Nashik Training Centre

Recognized by CEA as Category I Institute & Certified by ISO 9001 : 2015

Organization Structure

  • Shri. R. G. Morale
    Chief Engineer (Training), Koradi
    • Smt. Swati N. Foley
      Addl. Charge of Suptg. Engineer(Trg), NTC
      • Shri. S.S.Gatlewar
        E.E. (Deputed to NTPS)
        • Shri. S.M.Darade
          Addl. E.E. (Deputed to NTPS)
        • Vacant
          Addl. E.E. (ILT)
          • Vacant
            DyEE (ILT)
      • Smt. Swati. N. Foley
        • Mrs. R.A.Kulkarni
          Addl EE (Admin)
          • Shri. S.V.Ranalkar
            DyEE (Admin)
            • Asst. Engineer
              • Smt. Manjusha Swarge
                LDC, HR (Admin)
            • Miss. Priyanka S. Dhandar
              AP (IT)
      • Vacant
        EE (RC)
        • Shri. P.M.Kahale
          Addl. EE (RCT)
          • Vacant
            DyEE (RC)